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Deal Team Six

Dec 11, 2020

In this episode of the podcast, Tammie Miller, your host, is joined in-studio by Dustin Reynolds, Vice President of business development at Badgerland Disposal. Dustin is an accomplished entrepreneur and leader who focuses on developing talent, innovation, and creativity while streamlining operating efficiencies to decrease costs and promote organizational growth. He is energetic with a winning mentality that leads to results, success, and developing diverse teams to achieve exceptional results.

During this episode Tammie and Dustin discuss the following topics:

* [1:03] Dustin shares how he got to the point in his career where he is today.
[2:45] Dustin talks about how he fell in love with the industry of waste disposal.
[3:47] Dustin embraced his entrepreneurial spirit.

* [7:05] Dustin was surprised by the fast growth of his new business.
[9:43] Dustin shares the step-by-step progress of his business.

* [12:58] How is Dustin differentiating his business from the competition?
* [15:06] In order to grow you need to invest in your business and capital can be tricky to find

* [17:47] Dustin shares how he sold part of his business.
[24:01] Now, Dustin acquires other businesses, and he explains how he positions himself with the seller

* [28:22] Dustin shares how the buy-side looks like for him.
* [32:18] How does Dustin deal with changing management and culture after acquiring a business?
[36:14] Dustin shares the proper way of recycling.

* [41:50] Dustin talks about how his experience as a coach translated to his life as an entrepreneur and vice versa.