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Deal Team Six

Apr 9, 2021

Tammie Miller, your host, welcomes you to another episode of the Deal Team Six podcast. In this episode, Tammie is accompanied by Scott Wolf and Julia Papastavridis both from Willis Towers Watson, to talk about Rep & Warranty Insurance in M&A transactions, and specifically what sellers should know.

  • (2:04) What is Rep & Warranty insurance? How to use it and what are its benefits for both buyers and sellers.
  • (6:32) Why is it better to use insurance vs your new employees for indemnification?
  • (8:54) What exactly are we insuring?
  • (17:47) Can the underwriting jeopardize your transaction?
  • (19:24) What does underwriting entail from the seller and buyer's perspectives?
  • (25:12) What is the cost and who pays for it?
  • (42:08) If you are a seller, what does subrogation mean?
  • (50:13) Why Rep & Warranty insurance is completely different from normal insurance.
  • (51:18) How to choose the right broker.

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